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Happy Hump Day and for reaching halfway through the week!

I was craving something sweet for breakfast this morning and this recipe was perfect. It’s quick, easy, and did I mention…EASY! Never skip breakfast! I’ve been guilty because I used to only eat breakfast whenever I had time or none at all and skip right to lunch. But now that I am partaking in this lifestyle change of eating better, feeling better, and focusing more of my mental and physical state – I’ve got myself into the habit of starting each morning with a wholesome and healthy breakfast. It really does wonders. 🙂

Let’s get started!

Blueberry Banana Toast w/ Almond Butter
Serves 1
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Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
Prep Time
5 min
Total Time
5 min
  1. 1 100% Whole Wheat Flax & Fiber Roll
  2. 1/2 Banana
  3. 1/4 cup Raw Blueberries
  4. 2 tsp Trader Joe's Almond Butter Raw Crunch Unsalted
  1. Toast your bread of choice
  2. Spread Almond Butter on Toast
  3. Slice up 1/2 a banana and top fruits onto Toast
  1. There are no set amounts or measurements that restrict how much you should use of each ingredient. This is based on my personal preference. You can add more or less of an item or substitute ingredients as well!
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Berry Nana Toast w/ Almond Butter